Recent years have seen the rapid growth of electric bicycles - or 'E-Bikes' - into the leisure mobility market.

These machines operate as regular bikes until pedalling reaches a certain force, at which point the electric drive activates, providing power assistance. 

Bearings are an integral part of an e-bikes electric drive train system, seen in seat pillars, free wheel hubs, internal gear mechanisms and bottom brackets. 

BTC bearing solutions offer:
  • Low running friction and wear for smooth running and optimised performance of the application.
  • A range of special materials and components where required, including corrosion-resistant steels and sealing option to combat contaminant ingress.
  • Minimal maintenance and long service life.
  • Highly accurate running and suitability to high temperature/high speed applications.
  • Bearing designs can be fully customised to fit the application and our customer's requirements.

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