special coatings & lubrication



The correct lubrication is vital for bearing performance. The main task of the lubricant is to allow a protective film which separates the moving parts, minimises friction and allows for the dissipation of heat. Bearing lifetime, wear, maintenance and optimal running are all directly influenced by the choice of lubricant.

BTC Engineering recognises the essential role played by lubrication when specifying a bearing and we work closely with our customers to make sure all factors are considered before the right lubricant is chosen.

We offer a diverse range of grease, oil and solid lubrication, please contact our Engineering dept. for more information.


bearing coatings

Bearings are coated for a number of purposes, whether that is to electrically insulate the bearing or provide a high level of corrosion resistance. Depending on the operating environment, BTC is able to specify and design products which incorporate a suitable coating that will enhance performance. Our special coatings can enable:

  • Reduced wear
  • Longer lifetime of the bearing
  • Lower friction and reduced lubrication requirements
  • Lower maintenance/downtime
  • Improved running


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